Best Practices consists of information and examples that others might find helpful. These are presented by way of advice, not binding policy.

Invalid marriage as an Impediment

Welcoming Inquirers

Discerning a Vocation to Carmel – advice from the Cedar Rapids Council

Discernment Interviews– advice from the New Caney Council

Spiritual Maturity

With the generous permission of our Canadian OCDS, we provide excerpts from their formation manual which might also be helpful for discernment:
Aspirant Self-Evaluation Guide
Self Evaluation Guide for every level of formation
Points for the Council to Consider Prior to the Discernment Interview
Guidelines for All Interviews

Some helpful articles from the California-Arizona Province Formation Guidelines:
Impediments to joining the Secular Order – by Doreen Glenn Pawski OCDS
Saying No When the Call to Carmel is Lacking – by Rebecca Lambert OCDS
Discernment – by Francis J Lindkugel SJ
Vows in the Secular Order by Michael Buckley OCD